Our air conditioned/heated hall which will seat 500. This hall has a large garage door to allow easy access to the hall. It also contains a large accessible kitchen. The hall has a outside licensed balcony surrounding two sides which offer an excellent view of the infield and the grounds – especially useful as a breakaway area.

If interested in renting the Metcalfe Centre please contact:

Ruth MacQueen – 613-527-3258.

The Glengarry Highland Games Foundation Receives FCC AgriSpirit Funding for Upgrades to the Metcalfe Centre

Maxville, October 20, 2023 – Farm Credit Canada announced funding to upgrade two entrance doors at the Metcalfe Centre community hall in Maxville. The $22,000.00 award will upgrade two large double doors with energy efficient, accessible doors with automatic door openers. This project will enhance accessibility to the 500-seat hall for the general public and improve the experience for anyone with mobility issues. The building is used for a wide range of community events, including wedding receptions, dinners, dances, music performances, as well as the Maxville Fair and world-renowned Glengarry Highland Games each year.  Hall rentals can be arranged by calling 613-527-3258.